1. Why do I have to pay for the software?
A: Diginet 5.2 has many improvements. These improvements cost many hours of development time. DVR-USA desires to support and continue to enhance the DigiNet DVR. In order to do this we are charging a minimal fee to cover our costs.

2. Do I need the latest drivers?
A: Yes.  After your purchase you will receive a link to the latest DVR card drivers. 

3. Do you charge if I want just the drivers?
A: Yes.  Please place an order for the software and we will send you the most up-to-date drivers.  Please note that older versions of the drivers are no longer supported.  5.2 is the only version of software supported by DVR-USA and our associates. 

4. Does the 5.2 client work with older version of Software?
A: Yes, we have designed out software to be backwards compatible with all 4.x version of Diginet.

5.  Can I get support for older versions of software?
A: Yes, but DVR-USA charges a $95.00 per support case fee.  If you purchase DigiNet 5.2 one support case is included with your purchase. 


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